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Woke up this morning to the wonderful sound of rain on the roof!  So needed here in the Seattle area and all across the Western U.S.  Sadly it doesn’t look like it will get over the Cascades to the fire ravaged areas.  The wind has just arrived and is expected to be 35-50 MPH for the next several hours.  Hopefully everyone will stay safe.

We had planned a trip to the John Day Fossil Beds in Oregon and the Prosser, WA Balloon Festival starting mid-September but due to the smoke and fires, we have cancelled the trip.  God willing there will be other years to take the trip when there aren’t so many fires.

TIP:  SPACE, SPACE, SPACE…who doesn’t need more space in their RV?  There are 2 areas in our kitchen that I have always detested…the drawers (there are only 2 and they are 6 inches deep).  What to do with them and how to organize them. Living in an RV we all can get pretty creative about ways to use space and space savers. I had come up with some solutions that I have discussed in my seminars that seemed to be the most workable and the other place I detest is the Spice cabinet.  It isn’t deep enough to stand 3 spice jars but is too deep for 2.  I was always having to remove half the things in the cabinet to find the spice I wanted but have come up with a partial solution to that for the time being.

We had our son–in-law remove the 2 drawers and build 4 drawers with the same dimensions that take up the same amount of space.  2 are 2.5 inches deep and the other 2 are 3.5 inches deep.  Rather than waste space by putting drawer fronts on them, he

built a door that closes them all off.  They are absolutely perfect and now are so organized that even my OCD loves them!  Here are the before and afters.

4) After

5) After

The cabinets are maple so the door will darken over time because of the oil based poly he put on it.  Still am excited every time I open them because now everything has a place and when you take it out and use it, after it’s washed it goes right back in the same space.  Blessed to have such a great son-in-law.

The one solution we came up with for the spices is to pretty much remove them all and use the cabinet for baking needs and oil, vinegar, etc.  And bless hubby Mike for this solution.  He build a great spice rack that fits above our fridge and holds 16 bottles of spices.  The holder is angled so when

traveling the bottles don’t come out.  Absolutely love it.  If you think this is something that might work for you and want Mike’s directions, please email me and I’ll send you a copy.   Sadly

 this is the inside of the spice cabinet and we’re thinking about expanding it out on to the counter that is there which is only used when getting things from the back of

the cabinet.  We put small cup hooks on each side with heavy duty rubber bands to keep things

in place while traveling and so they don’t all come tumbling out when you first open the cabinet.  What are your space saving ideas?  What are your challenges?  Can you find “out of the box” solutions?  Want some ideas?  Just email me you problem area and some photos and maybe we can help you come up with a solution.

Products and Tips: Speaking of spices here are a couple of great products to help with those spices.  These little pinch bowls are great for spices.  I measure out my spices and stack them so the spice bottles aren’t cluttering up what little counter space we all have.  We sold these long ago and they sold out right away and our supplier quit making them.

But one of our new suppliers carries them so we have them back.  TIP:  They also work great to sort your pills into if you take several at a time.  Thanks Marilu!

And the other great thing we have for spices are the Spice Holders which comes with 12 clips.  They come in rows of 4 with double sided heavy duty sticky tape but can be broken down however they work for you.  They also work great for medication bottles and hanging brooms, mops, etc.  You can see inside my spice cabinet I have 2 sets of 2 for small bottles of spices.

TIP:  Be sure they are positioned where you want them as they are difficult to remove!

Great Place To Visit

One of the fun places we visited on our trek back to Washington this spring was in San Jose, CA.  It is the world famous Winchester Mystery House built by the widow, the only surviving heir of the Winchester family.

The mansion has over 160 rooms and goes from beautiful to bizarre in the same room!  Sarah Winchester started construction on the mansion in 1884 and it continued up to the day of her death some 38 years later.  To say this lady was eccentric  would be putting it mildly!  If you haven’t visited it is worth the stop when you are in the area.  Have you been somewhere others would enjoy?  Do you have a travel tip to share?  We love hearing from you.


PLEASE HELP: I am asking a favor of all our readers.  I’m sure many of you who RV also love to go to local markets and fairs when you’re in an area like we do.  We search them out wherever we are staying for a few days.  A friend has asked me to help him market a weekly Community Market with vendors of all kinds and I agreed to do some things to help him make it a success.  Would you please take a minute and fill out this 3 question survey.  I would so appreciate it and your answers will be very helpful in telling him where and how he should spend his marketing $$$.  It is totally anonymous and no one keeps your email address.  Thank you in advance.

No tips from readers this week but one of our readers has agreed to write a guest article on something I wrote about in a previous newsletter so stay tuned.  I am excited about it.

As always if you have space saving ideas, tips, places to see or things you would like to see in our newsletter send me an email

Please remember to keep our fire fighters, law enforcement and military in your thoughts and prayers for their safety.  RV Space Savers is a Proud Supporter of Military families and a portion of every sale goes to causes that help them.

Safe and Happy Travels

Tips and Ideas from RV Space Savers

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My how time flies!  It sure doesn’t seem like it’s been a week since I sent the last newsletter but I am even a day late.  I’m not sure if it is just that time goes faster as we age or part of living in an RV and as we travel, we really don’t pay attention to days and dates unless we have appointments!  Do you too find this to be true?

New Tip:  Need more storage in the bathroom?  

Shoe hangers make excellent places for extra storage.  You can hang them over the bathroom or shower door and store lots of items from hand towels and wash cloths to shampoo, shaving cream, razors, brushes and combs and the list goes on and on.

Also small baskets can be attached inside your shower with an adjustable shower rod that fits across the back wall of the shower and hang them with shower hooks (make sure the baskets are plastic).

I also saw this idea online that I thought was cute and sure uses blank

space for most of us.  These can be either plastic or wicker.  Just make sure they are small.





And put an adjustable rod under the sink to store cleaning products by hanging the pump part of the handle over the rod.  Do you have a unique idea for bathroom storage?  If so, please share.




I recently read this tip on the Good Sam Blog and thought it was worth sharing.

I recently came across a slick trick to clean my shower-door track. I use a sponge paintbrush (available at paint or hardware stores). I spray the brush with Clorox 2 and then use the foam portion of the brush to rub down the tracks. I then give the tracks a quick rinse and dry with a paper towel. They look like new and the door slides without binding or sticking.
Carol Lucas, Burlington, Colorado

New Product:  Collapsible steamer   This silicone, BPA free steamer is a must for any kitchen.  Not only is is almost weightless but takes up very little space. High heat resistant to 445 degrees.

Works great inside the Rice Cooker that I showcased in the newsletter last week to cook veggies.

Great Places To Visit:  While traveling along I-90 in the mid-west a few years ago during the late summer, we visited all the usual tourist areas  Wall Drug, Badlands, Corn Palace, Pioneer Car Museum, etc.  We also took a detour up to DeSmet, S.D. for 2 reasons.  My maternal great-grandparents came to that area from Norway and also to see all things Laura Ingalls Wilder.  I have always loved her books and the TV show as did my children.  Sadly it seems our grandchildren can’t in any way, identify with that life so they don’t enjoy those things like we did.  From the homestead to the surveyors house they lived in during the winter, the cemetery where several of the family was buried  and the home that the Charles Ingalls Ingalls family built in town, it was a fun visit.   I was sorry that I did not find any connection to my family in the area but was at least able to visit the areas where they were listed in the census and children were born.  It is certainly worth the stop if you are in the area.


What  would you like to see in this newsletter?  Please email me at  And remember if you have tips or great places to visit, let us know and we’ll include them.

Happy and Safe Travels

Tips and Ideas for RVer’s and Saving Space

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We hope you are enjoying your summer and not in any danger of the horrible fires raging in the west.  I read an article some time ago that Rver’s should practice being able to pack up and be ready to move in 10 minutes or less.  In case there is an emergency, we need to be able to move in a hurry.  Could we do it?  Yes we could but things would be in a state of disarray until we could get somewhere to get organized.  Do we practice…sadly no we don’t.  But we have discussed it and would just unhook, pull the slides in and go.  Whatever was outside would just have to stay.  It is something to think about no matter where you are traveling, there can be almost any kind of emergency.  I found these apps several years ago and have chosen to download several of them on my phone.  I then have my phone set up to send me alerts if there is some weather emergency.  And I have had it send warnings several times regarding tornadoes when we were in Gillette, WY in 2012 for the FMCA and Escapade Rallies.  Here is the app:  Living and traveling in an RV can be a blessing or a curse in a weather emergency and it’s good to carry a NOAA weather radio.  There are apps for both Android and Iphones but read the reviews before you purchase.

New Tip:  Keep No More Than 30 Tops  I posted this tip on our Facebook RV Space Savers page the other day. A good idea whether you live and travel in an RV or not.  The idea saves space, keeps down clutter and if we are honest with ourselves we

probably don’t wear many of those T-shirts we seem to think we want from each attraction we stop at!  And I am as guilty as anyone.  I can’t tell you how much I spent on a “Little House on the Prairie” T-shirt I bought when we visited the area.  I just had to have it as I so love that book series and TV show.  And I have to admit I have worn it very little!  Speaking of cleaning the clutter and organizing your closet and clothes.  Here are 2 great products we sell to help you do that.

Hanging Organizer

This hanging organizer not only works great for shoes but I use them for jeans, T-shirts and  bath towels. It has 10 compartments and only takes up 7 inches of space in the closet.

 This scarf and belt hanger takes up almost no room.  It has ten holes but depending on how big the scarves or belts are it can hold more than that.  Because I have very few shirts, I use scarves to combine things I do have so I don’t feel like I’m wearing the same thing all the time.

After sitting in one spot near our kids for the summer, I always go through our closet and donate things we no longer wear…remember the hanger trick!  I feel like we are starting out fresh and organized when we head south again.

Trips, Places to See and Things To Do.  Who remembered to watch the meteor shower last night?

Meteor shower



We totally forgot.  However I heard the best times to watch were between 2-5 a.m. so even if we hadn’t forgotten, we probably wouldn’t have seen it!


The things we so enjoy doing in the summer when we’re in the Seattle area are enjoy all the fresh Farmer’s Markets and all the wonderful produce.

Beautiful bunch of beans

Chanterelle Mushrooms

Peaches from eastern Washington

Gorgeous Local Dahlias

King Salmon caught that morning



Beautiful offerings at the Ballard Sunday Farmers Market.  It’s fun to visit with the farmers who are growing or picking and catching these things.  Lots of different choices, many of them organic and free range.  The huckleberries which are in short supply this year due to the drought are like little berries of gold!  $12.00 per cup!  Needless to say I left them there. Lots of beautiful black and blue berries which are plentiful. Homemade cheeses, free range eggs, wild salmon, homemade caramels (yum), beets, chard, cauliflower, several different kinds of mushrooms, heirloom tomatoes (reminded me of my mom’s).  And tons of other beautiful things all grown or raised in Washington.  Be sure and enjoy those markets where ever you are.  So much better than things bought in the supermarket and shipped in from who knows where.

If you have a Trip, Place To See or Thing To Do you would like to share please contact us and we are happy to put it in our newsletter.

Tips from Customers:  

From Danise:  Think outside the box…small space for trash container…. a small dog food container, rectangular with nicely between stool and tub or other small  areas… discard the box which contains the  liners, put the extras in the bottom,which saves time and space.  Need thread??… floss will work in many situations.  

From Marilu:  I love my rice cooker (that was in last week’s newsletter) to make rice and steam fresh veggies.

All great ideas…thanks for sharing

This idea was shared on Facebook this morning and since so many of us have animals, I thought it was worth sharing

Save a Pet


You can either make one yourself for your cat or dog and place it right behind your driver’s license or you can buy them here 



Please share with us your tips and ideas, trips, places to see and things to do, a guest article or any thing else you would like to share with others.  Contact us at

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Have something you would like to see in our newsletter?  Please let us know.

Happy Travels



Tips and Ideas from RV Space Savers

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Being back home after our speedy trip to Fresno, we are thankful for the safe trip and time spent with family.  We drove through a lot of smoke, some so thick it totally blocked out the sun and you couldn’t stand to be outside the truck without coughing and eyes watering.  I don’t know how the firefighters do it hour after hour, day after day and in many cases in over 100 degree temperatures.  Our hearts and prayers go out for their safety.  They are true heros.

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

“These Are A Few of My Favorite Things!”  Through the years, I have found some products that have become some of my favorite things and do the job as they promise.  We all have purchased products that make claims to do exactly what we buy them to do, only to get them home and find they really don’t work all that well!  I have found these to be  real space savers as they work for a multitude of things so I have 3 items to store rather than 10 different ones to do 10 different things!  We all are looking for easy and ways to save space in our RV’s and these have proved to be winners over the years.  Here are 3 of my “go to’s”

FOLEX ® This is an amazing carpet stain remover.  Just saturate the spot and rub it in with your finger tips and blot with a rag or paper towel.  It also works on upholstery and is non-toxic.   Also works on clothes although I haven’t tried it.  Here is a fact sheet on Folex.







GOOP® Hand Cleaner  Not only for dirty hands!  Works great for stains on washable clothes.  I have used this product for many years on hard to remove stains.  Directions say to let sit for an hour before washing but if the stain is a stubborn one I have found that leaving it on for 24 hours usually gets the stain out.  Also claims it works on carpet and upholstery but I haven’t tried it.They even have one formulated for long haired dogs. It is non-toxic and biodegradable.

Goop Hand Cleaner






And probably my favorite White Vinegar.  There isn’t much I don’t use it for.  From washing fruit and vegetables to keeping the drains clean and using it in the washer to make sure the detergent has been removed from clothes to disinfecting counter tops and cutting boards, the list goes on and on.  I have seen advertised an extra strength white vinegar for cleaning but I have not seen it in stores.  Here is a mega list of things vinegar can be used for.



New Product:  Microwave Rice Cooker  Easy to use…BPA free…includes locking lid, measuring cup and paddle.  Cooks up to 6 cups of rice.  Check it out here While it is not collapsible it takes up very little space.  We have had great feedback on this item.  And it sure helps keep the kitchen cool when cooking in the heat.

Microwave Rice Cooker








Trips, Places To See, Things To Do 

I can’t believe it is already after the first of August and on our quick trip to California last week, we saw some leaves already turning and have also seen it starting since we have been back in the Seattle area.  I don’t know about you, but I am not ready for fall!  While I love the beautiful colors, I know that winter is on it’s way.  Having been born and raised in Montana that meant snow and cold were right around the corner and not something I enjoyed once I was no longer a kid!   Here are some photos of some breathtaking fall foliage photos.  And no matter where you are when they start to turn, I’m sure you too can find some amazing ones. Please let us know if you have any favorites or travel tips to share.  I also posted a list of the 10 best on the Facebook group page.,7761/

TIps from you, our customers:  Use plastic baskets in the refrigerator to store small things and keep them from rolling around.  Also use them in the freezer to keep things from falling out when you open the door.  (Sadly there was no name on this tip so I don’t know who to give credit to). Great ideas.

Please send us your comments and tips to share with others on this newsletter.  We sincerely appreciate all feedback and appreciate you telling others about us.  Also if you would like to write a guest article. please let us know.

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