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Boy are the colors ever getting beautiful out there.  For those of you who are traveling right now, I am sure you are getting an amazing spectrum of the colors of autumn.  That certainly is one of the great reasons to living in an RV or being a snowbird and getting to warmer weather before the snow and cold start knocking on the door. Enjoy those amazing vistas as you drive through this beautiful country.

TIP: What uses can you find for your gadgets?

What gadgets are you carrying in your RV and have you thought of ways you can use them other than what it was intended for?  Living and traveling in an RV, we all know the need for space saving tips and ideas.  Here are some ideas you may want to think about.

Carry a Pizza Cutter? Did you know you can use it to cut chicken strips, fudge, french toast, cheese and pancakes!

Got a Melon Baller…how about using it to shape mini meatballs for a party.  Core pears, apples and seed tomatoes!

Egg Slicer…slice strawberries. kiwi, mushrooms, olives and deli cheese.

Love grapefruit and have some grapefruit spoons?  Use them for removing seeds from peppers, tomatoes, squash and melons.

Avocado tool…use it to peel a kiwi by simply cutting of both ends and sliding the scoop inside the skin.

Tomato tool...use it to hull strawberries and as a bread knife for artisan breads.

Oven Rack Push/Pull Tool

A couple of new gadgets I like are the Oven Rack Push/Pull which is made of silicone and heat resistant to 645 degrees and the handle stays cool while using.  It not only works on oven racks but also on pans you have in the oven as well.

Another new gadget I really like is the Expandable Trivet. It also is made of silicone so is heat resistant and folds for easy storage.  Works great to keep any kind of hot dish from slipping.  I also use it sitting on the counter for removing hot things from the oven to the counter.

Silicone expandable Trivet


What tools do you have that can double duty?  The options are endless. Just think outside the box.

Tip from reader and product discussion from last week:  Last week we talked about the many things you could do with your Produce Keepers.  Yvonne wrote that she loves them for cantaloupe and pineapple, especially pineapple.  She says you need to make sure to drain them every few days.  Thanks Yvonne…I had not tried eitherof them in the keeper but sure will now!  Another comment from Joyce…I buy romaine lettuce hearts at Costco and they keep great for weeks as it’s just my husband and myself.  Thanks Joyce.


Great Places to Visit:  This country is full of great places to visit and surprises around every corner.  Some times we just have to dig a little harder to find some of them like small towns with amazing museums that are well taken care of because the citizens are proud of their heritage.  Nick Russell is writing a blog on Overlooked America which he is posting to Trips, Places to See and Things To Do.  If you haven’t already asked to join, you may want to check it out.  Another great place to find things to do in any state is U.S. State Fast Facts. and Only in Your State.  Just search by the state you want information about.

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Tips and Ideas from RV Space Savers

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One of the things we love most about traveling and living in our RV is the wonderful people we meet and how helpful most people are.  Loving to share, whether it’s a tip or idea, an appetizer or pot luck dish, these are the things that make up our wonderful RV community.  I love to see guys all clustered around someone who seems to be having trouble with their RV or toad to offer any help they can or neighbor helping neighbor in an RV Park if the need arises.  It so reminds me of how we grew up as children, in smaller communities where everyone helped everyone else.  What is your favorite tip for small spaces?  Do you have a unique idea or tip to share with others on how you make the space in your RV work best for you?  Please let us hear from you.

I apologize for no newsletter last week and being so late this week.  I have been having some computer issues for the past couple of weeks.  There was a chance that I had a virus on my computer and I certainly didn’t want to be spreading it around.  Luckily it wasn’t a virus, just my anti-virus software cranking up their site with so many viruses out there and trying to protect my computer.


ORGANIZATION   One of my favorites and one I get asked a lot about.  How do I organize this, how can I save space in the bathroom, the bedroom and the kitchen.  I try to give lots of these kinds of tips in my seminars.  Purging and baskets are my 2 favorite solutions.

Both are “freeing” by ridding yourself and your RV of things you don’t use and your mind of clutter.  Here’s a

great link to a short article on 5 Reasons Why Organizing is FUN (well maybe that’s going a little to far)!

Here is another great article on Organizing.  Some of which will work great in an RV.

One of our readers and customers sent me this article.  Thanks Marijke.  I find it very interesting and would love to try it.  However having an RV fridge, I am only able to use my salad spinner to spin the greens and then put it away.  After reading the article I thought I should address the Produce Keepers and all the things you can do with them.

For those of you who have them, they work great to keep lettuce and greens for long periods of time.  Baby spinach for up to 5 weeks, romaine lettuce up to 4 weeks.  Do not wash before storing and follow the directions for each type of produce you are using it for as to how much air and moisture each needs.  I have 3 small ones in my fridge at all times and use them for everything.  Right now I have one filled with mini cucumbers (3 week old ), one with radishes (2 weeks old) and one with spinach (going on 4 weeks).  While they work wonderfully for berries, you can use them for tons of different kinds of produce.  One of our customers uses the 4 qt. keeper to keep bananas from browning and just sets it on the counter (don’t refrigerate bananas). We’re not great banana eaters but I have tried it and Mike ate the last banana on the 8th day and it hadn’t turned brown.  There are 2 sizes of keepers: A 4 quart and a 2 quart.  For those who have an RV fridge like we do, the small ones work best as the 4 qt. will only fit on the top shelf.  For those who have residential fridges, the 4 quart works great.

New Product:  Small Fiskie    We started carrying these this winter but I don’t think I’ve ever told you about them.

Made of silicone and heat resistant up to 400 degrees, this is a fork and whisk combined.  Great space saver. Quickly whisk, stir, blend and mix.  Incorporate air into eggs or cream. Use it to fold whipped cream into recipes. Perfect to mix protein drinks. Transfer food to a plate. Scoop and drain.  Safe for nonstick and glass.  They sold like hotcakes at the FMCA Rally in Pomona and I have had lots of great comments about them.  Being able to get rid of those wire whisks that take up so much space is a real plus with this tool.

Tip from customer:  Mouse wasn’t responding properly.   Took it apart… wiped ball with rag/alcohol.  Cleaned inside of mouse w/q tip, dipped in alcohol.  …. wiped mouse pad w/same rag/alcohol.   All working well now.  Great tip…thanks Danise.


Great Places To Visit:  There are so many gorgeous places to visit in the fall when the colors are changing.

Here is a link to 21 of the Most Spectacular (according to BozzFeed).

Wishing you all a happy fall and safe travels.  Please send in you ideas and tips to share with others.  If you enjoy our newsletter, please share  with others.  There is a sign up page on our website and our Facebook page.

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Tips and Ideas For Your Small Space

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The Migration Has Begun!  

With Labor Day this weekend and fall in the air, we’re seeing more and more RV’s heading south on Interstate 5.  Folks who are living in their RV’s have enjoyed the beautiful weather in the Northwest and Western Canada and are now thinking of getting to their spots in the south as weather there cools down.  Even some snowbirds are getting on the road, wanting to enjoy the beautiful fall weather as they travel to their winter destinations.

TIP:  Make a plan and a list of things you need to complete before heading out for fall.  Has your rig been serviced?  Oil changed, fluids checked, tires checked for wear and age.

Here are a couple of good articles about the age of your tires. and and how to tell the age of your tires.  Be sure to check this even before you buy new tires as there have been lots of reports of tire shops selling “new” tires that are 8-10 years old! Rig and windshield washed, bays or basements cleaned and organized.  Here is also a great checklist from FMCA.

RV Checklist

Inside:  cabinets, closets and drawers are cleaned and organized.  Windows washed, blinds vacuumed, cabinet faces are cleaned with

Murphy’s Oil Soap which I have used on wood for years and love.  TIP:  Use as directed so it doesn’t leave a residue on the wood.   Ask yourself if everything you are taking with you are things you will use during the winter in the south.  Is the space and weight  something is taking up, worth the number of times you use it?  TIP: One of the other things we do before heading south is to purchase products that we can’t seem to find in the south (for us it is Adam’s Peanut Butter and Torani Vanilla Syrup, for friends from back east it is a brand of Marshmallow Cream they love on their toast, another a special sausage)  We always make room for several of each. Do you have something special that you take?

TIP:   Wrap rubber bands around the ends of metal tongs for safety to keep things from slipping out of the tongs.

New Product:  2 great new RV Space Savers products that we are loving and take up very little space.

Expandable Trivet



Silicone Oven Push/Pull Tool


The Expandable Trivet is lightweight and folds flat. A great space saving trivet for hot foods.   The Oven Push/Pull Tool is very handy when putting things in the oven or taking them out as well as pushing the hot racks in or pulling them out.   We put a “command hook” on the wall right beside the range so it is always handy.

Travel Tips:

For those of you traveling to or through Arizona on your travels this winter there are 2 must stops in the Phoenix, Mesa area.

The Arizona Opry is a must but be sure to make reservations and make them early.  Even if you have been before they have 14 different shows.  2 shows a day with dinner which is made by the family and delicious…they even have gluten free options (be sure and request this when making reservations).

The other stop is Organ Stop Pizza which features the largest Wurlitzer pipe organ in the world…and some pretty darn good pizza while you enjoy the nightly entertainment on the organ.  There are many more things to see and do in the Phoenix area but these are 2 of our favorites.  Do you have favorites in the area?  Please share with us.

Thanks to all who took the survey for my friend who is trying to get his community market going.  We appreciate your help.

Have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend.  And remember to like us on Facebook  Join our Trips, Places to See and things to Do group

Happy and Safe Travels