Merry Christmas from RV Space Savers

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RV Space Savers wishes you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday and Happy, Healthy and Safe 2016.  We hope no matter where you are you are blessed with the love, peace, joy of the season.

Do you spend the holiday in your RV?  If so do you decorate?  And if you do, how and where do you store your decorations the rest of the year?  I have given this TIP before but will share it again.  We collect key chains from every state and/or special attraction we have visited and I love to collect shells so those are our Christmas decorations on our little 3 foot tree.  They take up very little room and are easy to store and unbreakable.

Please pray for all our troops who are unable to be with their families during the holidays.And please say a special prayer for the families of those who have given the ultimate sacrifice.

Due to the busy season, I will not be doing the traditional newsletter for the next couple of weeks.  We hope to see many of you at the WHMA Rally in Indio, CA January 7,8 and 9th.   I will be giving 2 space saving seminars again and hopefully a couple of demonstrations. We’re once again in Booth 34-35.  Please stop by and say hello.

We love hearing from you so please contact us at with your questions, comments and ideas.


Mike and Gail



Tips and Ideas from RV Space Savers

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Spending the winter in southern California, mostly in the Palm Springs area, we are amazed at how few people are here for the winter.  The TT RV park in Palm Desert is about half full!  And most of the license plates are from Washington and Oregon.  We all got out before the rain and windy weather hit there.  Sadly it hasn’t been too warm in the desert either.  This morning in some places in the valley it was down to 29 and highs in the low to mid 60’s.  Sure not what RVer’s, Snowbirds or those of us living full time in our RV’s are looking for.  And it’s looking like the chilly weather is pretty wide spread…Arizona is feeling the chill as well. As you can imagine the pool isn’t the most popular spot in the park!

TIP:  If you are in an area where it is getting below freezing be sure to make sure your water hose doesn’t freeze.  If there is a danger of that, we leave the faucet on a trickle.  In most areas it probably won’t be cold enough to freeze the pipes inside your RV but be watchful of the weather in your area and be prepared.

TIP from Reader:   Last week we talked a lot about purging and Marijke says Purge, purge, purge is right!  Twice this week I have gone to the Salvation Army to get rid of ”stuff” and there is still more to purge.  Feels really good.  I am trying to stick mostly to black, beige and khaki for the colors of my clothes so that I can mix and match and not have to worry about so many other colors. Great idea Marijke and thanks for sharing.

And these tips from another.  Have been doing some down-sizing/ fall cleaning in my RV and came across a couple of things that made me think I should share.

 1.  We all need more storage , particularly in small bathrooms, eh?  Both of us are short so we can get away with this…. we got a 2nd small medicine chest (from Ikea) and put up on the blank wall above the potty.    Gives us a bit of extra space and also a 2nd mirror.  I store my tall hair spray, medicated talc powder a couple of other tall items there, and with the small space above that, I store the chemicals I need for the potty. I can use the original cabinet above the sink  with 3 shorter spaces for smaller items. 

  2.  I use mini bungie cords and very small eye screws  in this extra space to hold the tall containers in place, and a narrow plastic basket on the upper shelf to hold the chemicals. Thanks Danise.

Here are another couple of ideas for great bathroom storage.

The first is an over the door hanging shoe bag.  Make sure it has clear pockets so you can see what you are storing in it.  The 2nd and not so easy to find anymore is an Adjustable shelf with spring loaded legs that will fit in an RV.  You can attach baskets to the shelves with clear zip ties.

And here is another great space saving idea.

And you will be amazed at how much space this will save in the end:

Cleaning and Organizing Your Closet

Product Review:  One of our most popular products are the Collapsible Produce Keepers.

2 quart Collapsible Produce Keeper from RV Space Savers

4 quart Collapsible Produce Keeper from RV Space Savers

We have been selling them from the very beginning and they continue to be one of our best sellers.  Lots of people who bought one come back to buy at least another one or more and many of them purchase them for gifts.  Coming in both 4 quart and 2 quart sizes, they work great in any size fridge.  Since we have an RV Norcold I find it best to use 3 of the 2 quart size and they are ALL always full.  Strawberries, Romaine Lettuce, Baby Spinach, Celery, Baby Cucumbers, Baby Carrots are just s few of the things I keep in them.  One of our customers uses a 4 qt one to keep her bananas in on the counter which keeps them from turning brown.  Another uses them to keep cantaloupe and pineapple in. What have you used yours for?  Let us know at

Great Places To Visit:

Gorgeous Christmas Trees To Visit if You’re In The Area.  Here is a photo of one of the most famous.!1-intro.

If you are traveling this holiday season, please travel safely and enjoy time with family and friends.

Please visit us at  Like us on Facebook

And if you are in the Palm Springs area stop in and say hello at the College of the Desert Street Fair Space 273A or give us a call in the TT Park.



Tips and Ideas from RV Space Savers

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Happy Hanukkah to all our Jewish Friends.

Good Morning…can you believe it is only 16 days until Christmas.  What do you do as an RVer for the holiday?  Are you living full time in your RV?  Do you stay home until after Christmas and then become a Snowbird?  Do you and your family spend the weekend at an RV Park not too far away from home?  Do you have family that comes to visit wherever you are? While we live full time in our RV, some years we stay at our home base which is near our family, some years they come to us which is what is happening this year in the San Diego area and other years we fly home for a week or so.  We always are in southern California the first of January as we are exhibitors at the WHMA FMCA Rally in Indio. Hope to see many of you there.  We so love to see friends as we travel.

TIP:  Purge, purge, purge and donate things you no longer use, things you put in your RV that you never use and clothes you don’t wear or that don’t fit, shoes you don’t wear (or don’t need).  Sadly we all purchase things we’re sorry about later or things that we think are a good idea at the time we buy them and turn out not to be so.  Don’t let your RV become cluttered with these things.  Its a win-win-win. 1) You get rid of clutter.  2) Someone else can use them.  3)  You get a tax write-off.  Being organized is not a one time thing but an ongoing process for us all.  Here is a great article to read on the subject.

Great Idea I Read:  Go through your pantry, kitchen food cabinet,s fridge and freezer and make a list of what you have.  Post it on the wall close to your shopping list.  When you are making your shopping list, you know the items you already have.  We have started doing this and boy has it helped.  No longer do we have 6 cans of tomatoes and 3 of black beans and none of the refried beanswe needed for a meal this week!

New Product:  Splatter Guard 

Effectively shield much of your stove and it’s surrounding environment by using this screen. Works great for frying or browning things on the stove. Also works great for mixing batters to keep from splattering. You get 3 hinged panels each measuring 10-inch by 9-inch /25-1/2cm by 23cm.  Folds flat for easy storage. Durable nonstick finish for easy cleaning. Hand wash.  We have 2 of these and boy do they work to keep spatters off the walls when cooking.  They also work great when mixing flour into a recipe to keep the dust contained.

******Don’t forget to have any orders to us by the 10th if any of your order is Christmas Gifts.  The mail is already slow.   We had a 2 day Priority package that was to have been delivered on Monday and still hasn’t arrived.  We don’t want you to be disappointed that your order didn’t arrive on time so please get them in within the next couple of days.

Great Places To Visit:  We LOVE good BBQ and are always on the lookout for it in our travels.  I thought this was a great article that many of you may enjoy.  “Following the BBQ Trail in South Carolina.”  Sure hope to do this one day soon…YUM!

It is a busy time of year for everyone but we love to hear from you and get your tips and ideas and great places to visit.  We would love to share with others.

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Have a great week and please pray for San Bernadino.