Corrected Newsletter Tips and Ideas from RV Space Savers

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I was informed by one of our readers that on the Underrated Places to Vist in All 50 States, I added the wron link.  Here is the correct link.  I am so sorry.


Greetings from Wilderness Lakes RV Park in Menifee, CA.  The weather has been gorgeous here and we left Yuma just in time as they were headed for triple digits right after we left.  We so enjoyed all four rallies in Yuma, greeting old friends and meeting many new ones.  The rally masters all did a great job and we look forward to joining them again. Two of the rallies, The FMA (Fleetwood)

Fleetwood Rally Spring Fling

Their table decorations.

and the Freightliner Rallies

really went all out with their decorations.

Freightliner 50’s and 60’s Theme

Table decorations

Three of the rallies were held at Fortuna de Oro and the Recreation Director, Desiree is amazing to work with.  The park has all kinds of decorations onsite and you can borrow any of them.   So if anyone is thinking about having a rally in the area, Fortuna de Oro would be a great place.

Since we have been on the go so much, I haven’t had much time to devote to the newsletter but wanted to pass along some links for tips and ideas that I thought you might enjoy.

TIP: I thought this was a great tip to share with everyone as it helps keep our many electronic devices safer.  Idenity theft is the fastest growing crime and has gone up over 1000% so it pays to do everything you can to keep safe.

Another TIP:   This is in conjunction with the tip above on phishing..

TIP on Fresh Water Tank:  I had read this several years ago and we have used this practice since that time.  For the most part we hook up to the water in RV parks but when we are traveling, we want to make sure our water is fresh to use.  It takes Mike several hours to complete the entire process and he does it about every 3 months.

Great TIP:  Many of us use lots of lemons (and limes) and of course being in southern California during the season, they are everywhere for cheap so I thought you might enjoy a way to use those peels.  I always keeps some grated lemon peel frozen to toss in dressings, sauces, marinades and rice.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In the March 27th newsletter I talked a lot about avocados as the California avocados are back in season.  I can’t remember if I talked about grating some of the pit in your guacamole but wanted to give you this heads-up I got from the California Avocado Association about NOT doing that so I wanted to be sure and pass it on.   Fallbrook, CA is the avocado capital of the world and last Sunday they had their avocado festival which we attended.  It was a fun day and lots of things dealing with avocados.  One of the vendors makes beautiful things from the avocado wood

Serving board made from avocado wood

…I bought some gorgeous coasters.  Also I visited with a grower/packer about which are the best avocados (taste wise).  He said the Hass is the most popular but not the tastiest.  Here are photos of his first two recommendations.  Number 1 is The Fuerte

Number 1 avocado Fuerte

which is a fall to early spring variety and Number 2 is the Reed

2nd best flavor…the Reed

which is round and about the size of a softball and is a summer variety.   Most growers are moving to only Hass as they have good handling properties and are long lasting.  There are about 500 varieties of avocados but only seven are grown in California.  Of course we bought a box while at the festival and my are they yummy!  He also had “freaks”


which you don’t eat that are crosses between 2 different kinds of trees that have self propagated and they do everything they can to rid their groves of these.  trees

 Product Sale:  The Egg Space Saver.  We have used this for over 5 years and have never lost or cracked an egg and it saves a TON of space.  

Egg Space Saver RV Space Savers

Normally $12.00 now on sale only $9.00 plus shipping. Act now as this sale is only good until May 23rd or while supply lasts if before 5-23-2016.  Use coupon code EGG300.  You must be logged in to the site for the coupon to work. 

Great Places To Visit:  The Most Underrated Places to Visit in All 50 States.  I thought this was a fun article and as we all travel it is fun to make some of these places a stop over, a destination or just a fun place to visit.  Do you have any other suggestions for underrated places you have visited?

Another Great Place to Visit:  Shaw’s Cove in Laguna Beach.  

Shaw’s Cove

We spent some time here one day this week and it is a beautiful and uncrowded beach which has it all…a sandy beach and tide pools at low tide.

Tomorrow we start our slow trek back to Washington State.  We will be in Lodi for the Good Sam Sambroee the end of  the month and are excited to see friends we have met there in years past.  Our plans are to be back in the Seattle area by mid-May.  Hopefully the weather will hold as it has been beautiful up there and neither one of us are ready for the rain!

We love hearing from you and if you have tips, great places to visit or other ideas you would like to see in this newsletter, please contact us.

May your road be smooth and your travels happy and exciting.

P.S.  I just got this IMPORTANT notice on a recall of frozen vegetables and wanted to pass it along.

Tips and Ideas from RV Space Savers

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Sorry I am once again behind on my newsletter.  We just finished a Fleetwood (FMA) Rally in Yuma, AZ and are now at a Holiday Rambler Rally.  It ends on Wednesday and we start a Freightliner Rally on Thursday.  We will have 2 days off and then an Alfa Rally.  Hoping to get time to see some friends and a cousin on those 2 days off.  It is up in the mid 90’s here and lots of folks have already headed north and most everyone else we visit with is heading out soon.  We are amazed at the number of parks that have only 30 AMP service with temp’s in the mid 80’s-90’s.  Fortunately we have moved to a 50 AMP spot so can run both air conditioners.

TIP:  This tip came from a gentleman at a recent seminar.  To keep hangers from coming off the rods while traveling, wrap the ends with rubber bands. Several folks said this was an issue for them and he said this cheap and easy trick was a great solution.

TIP:  And this from a gal in my last seminar:  Ladies:  Put one half of your chains through straws, then close the clasps.  It keeps them from tangling.

And here are some great Cleaning Reminder Tips…most of which apply to all of us.  14 Things You Didn’t Know You Needed to Spring Clean.

And some tips about my favorite subject: Organization.  There are some pretty nifty ideas here, some of which I haven’t seen before.

No New Products this week and we only have a few of the  small spatulas and both the red or black wine openers left.  Our supplier is no longer carrying the all-in-one piece silicone spatulas so we will no longer carry them when these are gone.

Great Places to Visit:  A couple of days before we left the Palm Springs area we took some time to check out the historic downtown area.  We visited the McCallum Adobe,

The MaCallum Adobe House in Palm Springs

the oldest home in the city, built in 1884.   Built in 1893 and the 2nd oldest building  is the Cornelia White House and was made from railroad ties.

The Cornelia White House in Palm Springs.

 And our favorite Ruddy’s General Store Museum.  

Ruddy’s General Store Museum in Palm Springs

Everything is original from the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s and over 90% of all the boxes, cans, etc., still contain the original products.  Some of the things we remembered from our childhoods.  You could spend hours there and still not see everything.

We will be at another rally this coming Friday so once again the newsletter may be late.  For those of you heading towards your summer homes, please travel safe.  We hope you are staying out of the miserable weather they have had in different parts of the country.  This cute decoration greeted us at the last rally and thought it would be fun to share.

Spring Fling

Enjoy a Spring Fling where ever you are.