Please Help RV Space Savers by taking this Short Survey

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RV Space Savers wishes you all a Happy, Healthy, Safe and Prosperous 2018. We look forward to seeing many of you at upcoming rallies around the country.  Our upcoming rally schedule  is the SE FMCA Rally on Feb 8,9 and 10th in Lakeland, FL then on  to the National FMCA Rally in Perry GA  March 15-18th and the Georgia Good Sam Rally in Perry, GA  March 22-25th.

We would like to thank all our customers and readers of our newsletters for the past few years.  As I had told you last summer, this newsletter is for you and we have over 500 signed up to receive the newsletter.  Sadly less than 50% of you open the newsletter (and getting fewer all the time) and less than 10% of you click on any of the links within it and less than 1% of you order from any of the product links on our website. Which leads us to believe the newsletter had served it’s purpose.

We subscribe to  a newsletter service to send out the newsletter which is quite expensive and for some time we have not been getting enough orders to  pay for the service.  Not only is it expensive, it is time consuming to write,  research new tips and ideas to include and other articles I think may be of interest.

With all that being said, I am enclosing a short survey for you to complete and depending upon the number and type of responses I get will determine if this is the end of these communications.  The survey is only open for 30 days so please get as many responses to me a soon as possible.  Thank you.

As I have told you in this newsletter, we are hoping to sell the business to someone younger that is able to set up and tear down booths at the many RV Rallies across the country.  It is a great business and pays for our travel.

My book is selling well and has been included in the November/December issue of the Escapees Magazine “From the Bookshelf” as suggested reading.  It can be purchased at the following link.

May your travels be happy and your journey be filled with new Trips, Places to visit and Things to do.